2018 Challenge #1: Beat the Backlist!

That’s right! This year, I’m doing Beat the Backlist hosted by NovelKnight.

While I am going to be focused on a personal challenge this year (post coming soon!), it just so happens that this one fits in beautifully with those goals. Also, it’s simple, unrestrictive, and flexible. The basics:

  • Read books from your TBR!
  • YOU choose how many you want to commit to for the year!
  • The only restriction is that the books MUST be published PRIOR TO 2018 to count!

See? Simple and flexible! And so easy to succeed because the choice is ALL yours. And, you get assigned to a team (there are four), and you can earn points for your team that result in raffle entries and the chance to win books! Neat, right?

I’m committing to 30 books from my TBR (my TBR being anything I want to/have planned to read that was published prior to 2018 – including galleys!). I am SO excited to make some headway on my TBR!!!

If you want more information about the challenge, or are ready to sign up, just head on over to the information page: Beat the Backlist.

P.S. I’m on team Book Bards! Which is awesome because, believe it or not…my last name is Bard!!! And it was a random assignment…funny, huh?


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    • It’s the same for me, even with 30. But it forces me to give myself room to read some of my own books, and not just galleys, in addition to cutting down my TBR a smidge. As if I won’t add more than 30 books to my TBR in 2018. πŸ˜‰

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