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    • Ha! I don’t have any idea what you mean. I definitely DIDN’T see a review yesterday that sent me over to NetGalley and EW looking for the book, finding myself going down the rabbit hole and happily clicking the Request button…Nope. That wasn’t me. 😉

    • Thank you! I sure hope so. I’m already starting to worry about the Uber Chunkster goal. Just have to change my mindset a little. And it’s early in the year, it’s early in the year, it’s early in the year (chanting inside my head)!

  1. These look like reasonable goals. I wish you lots of luck. I am working on getting my Netgalley pile under control. If I stopped reading everyone’s reviews, I wouldn’t have a problem. Good Luck.

    • Yes! My two biggest struggles are reading the amazing reviews of other bloggers (how can I NOT request it??), and submitting reviews requires going to NetGalley, which always results in “a little look around”. Getting my NetGalley pile under control is feeling impossible at the moment. Somehow, I imagine you have better self control than I do. 😉

  2. Good luck with your goals . . . I’m also trying to resist looking for more books on NetGalley until I’ve got my tbr pile lower – but there are such great books and, as Carla says, reading everyone’s reviews make them just too tempting!

    • Thank you! It’s crazy how hard it is. Kind of like trying to cut back on sweets when all your friends are bakers and candy makers, and you work in a sweets shop. :/

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