Blog Tour & Review: In Another Life by C.C. Hunter

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In Another Life

by C.C. Hunter

Jacket Copy:

What would you do if your whole life was a lie and learning the truth could cost you your life? 

From New York Times bestselling author of the Shadow Falls series comes C. C. Hunter’s new YA thriller about a girl who learns that she may have been kidnapped as a child, and must race to uncover the truth about her past before she winds up a victim.

Chloe was three years old when she became Chloe Holden, but her adoption didn’t scar her, and she’s had a great life. Now, fourteen years later, her loving parents’ marriage has fallen apart and her mom has moved them to Joyful, Texas. Starting twelfth grade as the new kid at school, everything Chloe loved about her life is gone. And feelings of déjà vu from her early childhood start haunting her.

When Chloe meets Cash Colton she feels drawn to him, as though they’re kindred spirits. Until Cash tells her the real reason he sought her out: Chloe looks exactly like the daughter his foster parents lost years ago, and he’s determined to figure out the truth.

As Chloe and Cash delve deeper into her adoption, the more things don’t add up, and the more strange things start happening. Why is Chloe’s adoption a secret that people would kill for?

My Thoughts

Title: In Another Life
Author: C.C. Hunter
Pages: 341
Genre: YA Contemporary
Source: Free ARC from Wednesday Books

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

Note: As stated under the Source (above), I received this book for free from Wednesday Books. I pride myself on writing fair and honest reviews.

Thoughts: Though it took awhile, I did eventually find myself rather invested in the story of Cash and Chloe. In fact, their budding relationship is what kept me reading. While romance isn’t generally my thing, a love story that is written with palpable chemistry definitely is. Cash and Chloe had that in spades.

Of course, the point of the story isn’t entirely the development of their relationship, but also the uncovering of Chloe’s past – that mystery being what brought them together to begin with. Admittedly, I solved that particular mystery rather early in the game, and as I think it was the foundation on which the story was built (rather than the major point of the story – this is NOT a YA mystery or thriller), that’s perfectly fine. It was an interesting way to highlight the complexities of parent/child relationships and work through the question of “identity” most typical teenagers grapple with, even under the best of circumstances.

Chloe’s circumstances were certainly less than ideal. Her dad left her and her mom for another woman, her mom then got cancer and is now depressed, they had to move, and NOW she finds out she might have been kidnapped rather than put up for adoption. Chloe’s life is a dumpster barrel on fire. And she handles all of that a lot better than I would and is much more forgiving.

While I wanted to ring her parent’s necks most of the time, I really did love Chloe and Cash. If you like contemporary YA with a decent love story, this book is worth a look.

About the Author

C.C. HUNTER is a pseudonym for award-winning romance author Christie Craig. She is lives in Tomball, Texas, where she’s at work on her next novel.

Christie’s books include The Mortician’s Daughter seriesShadow Fall Novels and This Heart of Mine.

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    • I think I’m learning that, with rare exception, YA Contemporary isn’t for me. If it’s extraordinarily well-written or if it’s fantasy YA, then I enjoy it. But with YA Contemporary, I often feel like the adult writers fail to capture the YA voice and wind up making them sound like they’re 12.

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