Review: A Certain Age by Beatriz Williams

Title: A Certain Age
Author: Beatriz Williams
Pages: 336
Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: Free galley from William Morrow

Rating: A

Note: As stated under the Source (above), I received this book for free from William Morrow in exchange for my honest review (and trust me, honest is always what you’ll get).

Review: Having fallen in love so completely with the writing of Beatriz Williams in Along the Infinite Sea, I was thrilled and eager to have the opportunity to read and review her latest, A Certain Age. And it did not disappoint! It felt quite different from the previous book, which I very much appreciate, but the quality of the writing never wavered. Without a doubt, Ms. Williams knows how to write a character-driven story. I loved them all, except the one who I forgave at the end, if begrudgingly (you’ll know to whom I’m referring once you read the book, which undoubtedly you should!).

While the characters certainly make the story, there is no lack of plot. So much is being worked out through the book, from so many different angles, that at the end I was left wondering if it would be more fair to call it historical fiction or historical mystery or…I just don’t know. Because though it starts out at a rather gingerly pace (all that lovely character building!), it all unravels rather quickly at the end. There is definitely a bit of a mystery to it, but since that isn’t the central plot – historical fiction it is.

One thing worth noting: this is a multiple narrator book. There are a few central characters whose points of view we get to enjoy along the way and as the mystery unfolds towards the end, just when it feels as if all will be known, we get a new narrator who adds more texture to the overall situation. Some people might not like this, and I don’t think it works in all cases, but it certainly worked in this one. In fact, that approach did a beautiful job of creating the little bit of suspense present at the end of the book.

This is the second Beatriz Williams novel I have enjoyed and it will certainly not be the last. In fact, just yesterday I bought A Hundred Summers, so…yeah, I see lots of Ms. Williams in my reading future. 😉

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      • I’m excited! I am having a hard time enjoying Teresa’s character, but it’s getting better. I think it’s just her general personality that irks me- no fault to the story or author in any way!

        • My feelings about Teresa were the same and as the book went on, I really started to resent her. I won’t say I ever liked her, but in the end, she redeems herself. 😉 Have you read anything else by Beatriz Williams?

          • I am in full resentment mode now- almost to page 200. 🙂 I haven’t but I definitely want to! Have you? If so, I would love some recommendations.

          • I’ve read Along the Infinite Sea which I LOVED. I enjoyed A Certain Age, but Along the Infinite Sea is so, so wonderful AND there are other related books (which I haven’t gotten to just yet), so you can sort of “stay in the family” if you really enjoy it. And the cover is scrumptious. Seriously, gorgeous. Highly recommend it!

          • I will have to check it out! I did look on Beatriz Williams website and say the family tree- featuring Julie and was very intrigued to see how the other novels use the same characters.

          • At some point I’m definitely going to pick up one of the other sister books. My TBR is so out of control, who knows when that will be. But if you read any of them, please let me know what you think.

          • Yes! All of a sudden things started getting approved and my Netgalley pile is huge. And yet I keep buying books and checking them out from the library. And my kiddos are on summer break which cut my reading time way back. Are you on Goodreads, by chance?

          • I am! I don’t review on there except to just link that account back to my blog. Too much social media with bookstagram and twitter. Overwhelming at times. I think I have my goodreads account on the side bar of my blog page 🙂

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