Review: Bloodstains with Bronte by Katherine Bolger Hyde

Title: Bloodstains with Bronte
Author: Katherine Bolger Hyde
Pages: 304
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Free ARC from Minotaur

Rating: 3 stars

Note: As stated under the Source (above), I received this book for free from Minotaur via NetGalley. I pride myself on writing fair and honest reviews.

Summary: In an effort to convert part of her newly inherited home into a writer’s retreat, Emily has embarked upon a large reconstruction project. Unfortunately, two of the young workers have shown a strong, and unreciprocated, interest in her housekeeper, Katie. After having a baby out of wedlock, and then being kicked out of her parents’ home for doing so, Katie has become Emily’s housekeeper, and her and her daughter are now like family. Emily suspects that there may be some history between Katie and at least one of these boys, and that history comes into question when one of them is murdered.

Review: As the investigation proceeds, Emily’s love, who works for the sheriff’s department, must investigate Katie as she is the most likely suspect. While it pains him to do so, it is his job, and he has to believe that the truth will out. Emily, on the other hand, will do just about anything to protect Katie. But is she willing to sacrifice her relationship with Luke?

One of the better cozies I’ve read of late. The plot was well constructed, the story was interesting, and I grew fond of several of the characters, particularly Luke, Emily’s love interest. Early on, I quite liked Emily, but as the story progressed, she sort of fell apart for me. Katie’s naiveté irked me to no end. And the way the subject of sexual assault was handled was especially frustrating. Not everything in the world can be treated with kid gloves.

As I said, despite my occasional frustrations, this is one of the better cozies I’ve read. If you like cozies, I’m sure this would be an excellent choice.

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    • A cozy is a subgenre of mystery that is generally G-rated – no “language”, no sex, no violence, no graphic scenes. They tend to be very formulaic – female protagonist in a small town, usually falls for local law enforcement, and each series tends to be themed (the title might be related to food, cats, quilting, etc.). I find them to be rather hit or miss, but there is a rather large fandom for cozies.

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