Review: Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

Title: Day Shift (Midnight Texas #2)
Author: Charlaine Harris
Pages: 307
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery
Source: Library e-book

Rating: A

Summary: When Manfred’s line of business crosses with Olivia’s, a mystery ensues that will take all of Midnight to solve.

Review: Have I mentioned that I love Charlaine Harris? Because if I haven’t, I most certainly should have. She is one of my most favorite authors (yeah, I know what I did there). In fact, I feel certain I’ve read more books written by her than any other author. What is it that I love about her exactly? She writes interesting characters, entertaining stories, and she doesn’t limit herself to your standard werewolf and vampire paranormals (not that I don’t love those, but there is a treasure trove of mystical creatures to write about). I can – and have (when time allowed) – read her books in one sitting without once feeling I needed a change of pace. And as of this reading, I am completely caught up on all of her series (well, those that are published)!

After a too-long-for-me break, she released Midnight Crossroad, the first in her latest series Midnight, Texas, which introduced a few familiar characters from both the Lily Bard series and the Sookie Stackhouse series. These characters, though somewhat minor in their original series, immediately make the new one feel more like home. And I like watching these minor characters build up lives of their own.

From there, it’s typical Charlaine Harris. Unexpected “gifts”, things that go bump in the night, mysterious goings-on, etc. Only the entire town of Midnight (which consists of like, maybe a dozen people) gets together to solve whatever the latest problem is and several of them have some sort of paranormal gift.

In this second book, we learn a lot more about the mysterious Olivia, partner to the vampire Lemuel, and a couple more Sookie characters are temporarily introduced into the story. More questions are raised about the Reeds. And there are also a lot of little tidbits dropped that clearly indicate there is a lot more to come in this series. In fact, I just started Night Shift, which comes out next month, and I’ll be reviewing it right around the time of the release (May 3rd!). So. Excited! Fingers crossed for a lot more to come!

But I digress…it goes without saying – if Charlaine Harris wrote it, I’m going to recommend it. That is all. 😉

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