24in48 Readathon January 2019

What can I say? I love a readathon. And 24in48 is my absolute favorite. And it starts at 12:01am Saturday (which at this moment, is an hour and 45 minutes away!). If you want to know more about the 24in48 or why I love it so, check out my post for January 2018. If you have any interest in participating, it isn’t too late to sign up! I’ll be updating on Twitter primarily, but hope to do a wrap up post sometime Monday.

In the meantime, I will have my head buried in a book for as many hours as possible, and look forward to using the readathon as an excuse to stuff my face with snacks (snacks are a major part of the fun!). I have some reviews scheduled over the weekend, but I won’t be checking in again until Monday. But feel free to come say hi on Twitter!

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    • They did this year as well! They come take turns, bringing in a book or two and snuggling up in bed with me, while we each read our own books quietly. They love it and so do I. πŸ™‚

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