Monday Update #3 (A day late!)

Oh my gosh, my back feels so much better, and now that I’m off the meds, I can think clearly and see normally again. Although I’ve taken both Flexeril and Tramadol in the past with no issues, this time I got blurry vision. Not so bad that it affected my day to day, but holy criminy reading was a pain in the rear. But all is back to normal now, and I’m ever so grateful.

So, the reason I’m late with my update (besides just being me!) is we had our family outing to Bangor yesterday. The Maine Discovery Museum doesn’t look like much when you approach the doors, but it is a hidden gem. It is designed for children of all ages and everything is hands on. They have a Nature Trail section with tons of information about wildlife and a great human sized beaver lodge for the children to investigate, as well as a huge “tree” that they can climb up through to the top where they find themselves inside a human sized egg, like a baby bird hatching in a nest. They have a human body/general science section with a giant heart that has a stationary bicycle the kids can “ride” to simulate the heart pumping blood – as they cycle, red and blue lights that run through the interior of the heart light up! And my favorite, the Children’s Literature section. I learned some tidbits about Maine’s literary history and library circulation and they had some stunning rooms based on children’s books written by Maine authors (see images below!). And a fabulous puppet theatre for the kids to make their own show. If you are ever in the Bangor area, I HIGHLY recommend a visit. We will definitely be back.

Afterwards, we drove past Stephen King’s house and took some pictures – from the car with the window rolled down. The side gate was open and there were vehicles present and it just felt intrusive to get out and ham it up in front of his house. I suspect that, subconsciousl,y I probably realized it wasn’t likely to be my last opportunity since we only live about 90 miles away. Next time I’ll do a day trip by myself to visit the Bangor library (for so many reasons), and probably do one of the tours that visits all the sites he put in his books, and then I’ll get a pic of me in front of the gates instead of just a pic of the house. But I was pretty excited to see the house! The gate he put up is amazing. Also, the house next door is for sale! As well as two other houses on his street, within sight of his home! Can you even imagine? Yes, I admit, I spent a fair amount of time looking at those houses on Zillow (and no, we wouldn’t really move!). πŸ™‚

Stephen King’s House!!!

We ended the day at a local park, picnicking under a willow tree and taking advantage of the playground before heading home. It was a wonderful day for all, and ended up being a lot more book-inspired than I anticipated!

As for my reading life, this week I’ve finished:

And started:

Next up is likely to be:

Hope everyone else had a wonderful week! Looking forward to catching up on all your blogs. πŸ™‚

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  1. Yay Myndi! So glad to hear you are feeling better! Thanks for sharing the pics and oh my, Stephen King’s house is kind of creepy looking! 😊I totally would have stood in front of the fence and took a picture though! I’m sure everyone does it!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Have a great day my friend!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

    • I imagine at night it looks pretty foreboding with that fence! I think if there had been other people doing the same, I would have went with it, but it was just us. I’ll definitely do it when I go on the tour (which I am definitely going to do!).

    • Yes! There is a Children’s Museum in Erie, PA, where we lived a few years back, and it was the same concept. The Maine Discovery Museum just has a lot more to it than what we’d experienced in Erie. Whereabouts in Colorado? I imagine if it’s Denver it must be pretty fantastic!

  2. Happy your back feels better! Nothing worse than a backache. Stephen King’s house is nothing like what I would have imagined. And what a cute library…I saw the little Goodnight Moon window!

    • I think he has a second house elsewhere (no idea what that looks like or where it is, but now I’m going to have dig around!), and I’d be curious to see how it compares. I do love that he “went with it” and put in a spooky iron fence.

      The Goodnight Moon room at Maine Discovery Museum was awesome. My kids were SO excited. It had the paintings and all the things in the book. They were reciting the book as they confirmed everything was present. The only thing they couldn’t find was “a young mouse”. Maybe we’ll find it next time.

      • So, I’ve gone and looked and he does have a second house…right next to his primary residence. So, both in Bangor. Interesting. πŸ™‚

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Your outing sounds like so much fun, a reader’s paradise. I wish I could see that picture of the gate better, but it sounds very interesting. With all that going on, you still got a lot read. Some that I have coming up so it will be interesting to see if our ideas mesh. Have an enjoyable week.

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