Weekly Update #6

Things are still busy, I’m still behind, and I didn’t get much read this week. However, I did get some approvals (and I’m at that point where I’m equal parts excited and “oh my gods, why do I keep doing this to myself” when they come through!). The goal today Continue reading Weekly Update #6

Weekly Update #5

Getting back into the groove of things is never as easy for me as it feels like it should be (so it should be no surprise that half of my kids struggle with transitions!). The kids first week of school was also my first week of school, and all of Continue reading Weekly Update #5

Monday Update #4 (A day late…again!)

What can I say? Yesterday was a holiday AND school started today – for my kids (YAY!) and for ME (meh), so I’ve been busy, busy, busy. But did I mention that my kids are back in school?!?!? Right at this moment, I am sitting in my house…by myself. By. Continue reading Monday Update #4 (A day late…again!)

Monday Update #3 (A day late!)

Oh my gosh, my back feels so much better, and now that I’m off the meds, I can think clearly and see normally again. Although I’ve taken both Flexeril and Tramadol in the past with no issues, this time I got blurry vision. Not so bad that it affected my Continue reading Monday Update #3 (A day late!)

Monday Update #2

This week, I finally got one of my boys to the optometrist (and myself!). Towards the end of the school year, he didn’t pass the vision screening at school, and I kept making a note to set the appointment, but found myself avoiding it. Not because I’m lazy but because Continue reading Monday Update #2

Monday Update

Hi, there! Still working on getting back on track with my posting, still aiming for twice a week, with at least one review and one  general update (aiming for Mondays!). After weeks of miserable, sticky heat here in Maine (our 3rd summer here, so far the warmest and stickiest), things Continue reading Monday Update