Mystery Reveal

It has recently come to my attention (via several sources, none of which include my own brain) that I have never shared my name. No, my name is not actually Mad Book Love (though I think, perhaps, it should be). And I never intentionally withheld my name, I just didn’t realize I wasn’t using it anywhere! And now it feels silly, like some big reveal, but it’s just my name.

Hi! My name is Myndi!

(for pronunciation, it’s Mindy, but spelled differently)

Pretty sure we’ve met before. Sorry I didn’t do a better job of introducing myself early on. Now that we’re on a first name basis (so personal!), I hope we can be better friends. 😀

Also, my comments should now say Myndi @madbooklove, so you’ll know I’m a person, not a bot. 😉

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    • Thanks, Elaine! See, but I know you’re Elaine because of the NG group on Goodreads. And I think that’s maybe why it didn’t occur to me earlier. So many of the people I started out following I connected with there, so I knew their names. Only recently did I realize that newer followers had no idea. 🙂

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