Power Outage

Hello, Friends! While I know I’m not the most regular poster, it has been something like eight days since I’ve posted so much as a review (oh wait, that’s pretty much all I post, right?), and this time it isn’t entirely due to laziness or busyness (you know, the state of being busy). Mother nature saw fit to take out the power of nearly half a million Mainers, us included, with hurricane winds and a torrential downpour. Rain + wind = trees downed everywhere, and the power lines that so love to live next to them came down in solidarity.

We were spared any downed trees on our property (our neighbors moved their cars to the street a few hours before a large tree would fall across their drive, exactly where they had been previously parked!), but our entire region was without power for days, many still are. We’ve been up since Friday morning (technically 11:30pm on Thursday, but we were sleeping), and internet came back up a few hours after that. Needless to say, I’ve been catching up on laundry and dishes and everything I couldn’t do while we had no power and no hot water.

The upside? When there is no power and no internet, what’s a girl to do besides read by lantern? So, soon enough, I’ll be posting reviews again. In the meantime, I’m alive and buried in laundry. I’ll see you when I dig myself out. šŸ™‚

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