Readathon Prep!

This Saturday, I am participating in my 2nd ever Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon and I am SO excited. After participating last October, I had planned on doing it again in April, but then life got in the way (rather than repeat myself, see previous post for details). After missing out in April, I was intent on participating this October, and bettering my outcome by reducing distractions. My solution?

Momcation + Readathon = READCATION!

Now, I decided not to go with the treehouse/small house for several reasons, but one of those was money. But. I’m staying in, what appears to be, a very nice oceanside inn, in a room with an ocean view and a balcony. I’m imagining myself sitting on that balcony, bundled up in a warm, cozy sweater, enjoying a hot cup of (tea, coffee, hot chocolate), with the sounds of the waves off in the distance, plowing through book after book, and enjoying all the wonderful camaraderie the Readathon has to offer. In what world does that not sound like heaven on Earth? Honestly, I’m not sure I could be more excited!

All this week has been about prep. Which books to bring, what snacks to pack, etc. My book piles are ridiculously large (shocking, yes?), so now the culling begins. And I’m pretty sure that if I bring all my snacks, they aren’t going to believe that I’m checking in by myself. But how can I know what I’ll be in the mood for on Saturday? šŸ™‚

A whole weekend of undisturbed reading. By the ocean. If it’s half as good as I think it’s going to be, I might just float away from the joy of it all.

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