Thinking Ahead for Dewey

Last October, I participated in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon for the first time, and it was super fun. I didn’t manage the full 24 hours because of competing priorities (that’s my cute little nickname for my kids), but I made it something like 15 hours, which was more than I had expected. For me, it was an absolute success.

With that first one under my belt, I was determined that I would participate again in April. Talked to my hubby about it, put it on my calendar right away to block out the time. And then my husband got laid off right before Thanksgiving. And it took until April for him to find a full-time job. He started April 18th. In another state. And I was staying behind with our three kids while they finished up the school year, so…yeah. No Dewey’s in April for me.

However, as of the end of May, we are all back together, making our new home in Maine, and I am DETERMINED to participate in the Readathon on October 22nd. Not only am I intent on participating, I am intent on doing better than last time. My solution? This mommy is going away for the weekend. By herself! To read. And read. And read!

Although I haven’t booked anything yet, I plan to stay close to home and I am seriously considering renting this newly constructed treehouse/small house that was just completed last month. It’s 45 minutes away, private, unique, affordable and amazing! I will be so, so bummed if I can’t scrape up the money to reserve it before someone else nabs it. If I manage to work it all out, I will most definitely post pics because…a treehouse. Like, a little house built in the woods, with big glass windows and a bridge to walk over to the kitchen and sitting area. In the Maine woods. In the trees.

At the moment, no Plan B. I’m dreaming about my lovely Readathon vacation weekend in a dang treehouse. It is too perfect not to workout. Right? Right.

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