It’s Been Awhile…

Ummm. Hi! *waves hand with a sheepish grin on her face* So, wow. This break has been a LOT longer than I thought. Like, way, WAY longer. And I’m afraid I don’t have any exciting drama to explain it. The super boring story goes something like this: Girl hits reading Continue reading It’s Been Awhile…

Mystery Reveal

It has recently come to my attention (via several sources, none of which include my own brain) that I have never shared my name. No, my name is not actually Mad Book Love (though I think, perhaps, it should be). And I never intentionally withheld my name, I just didn’t Continue reading Mystery Reveal

Still Here

It feels like I’ve posted something similar recently, but regardless, it feels like I’ve been “gone” forever. Getting over a bout of pneumonia (mild, at home, taking forever to go away), and haven’t felt like doing much but sleeping and reading in the past week or so. Hopefully, in the Continue reading Still Here


So, that change I mentioned happened a little quicker than I expected. 😉 Welcome to my new home! If you were accessing my blog via before, things probably just look a little different to you. New theme and all (which I’ll get into momentarily). If you were accessing my blog Continue reading Surprise!


This time of year, it is impossible not to feel motivated to do things differently, improve, try something new, get refocused, etc. And since early December, my mind has been drifting heavily towards my reading and blog goals for 2018. All of these ideas have been bouncing around, begging for Continue reading Ch-Ch-Changes!!!

Hi there!

Earlier in the month, I had a plan to post three times a week, including the days surrounding Christmas. Which apparently, was not a very good plan. 😉 Live and learn for next year, yes? But really, it was a nice break, celebrating the holiday with my husband and kiddos, Continue reading Hi there!