So, that change I mentioned happened a little quicker than I expected. 😉

Welcome to my new home!

If you were accessing my blog via before, things probably just look a little different to you. New theme and all (which I’ll get into momentarily).

If you were accessing my blog directly via, then you must have seen my recent post redirecting you here.

If you were accessing my blog through WordPress Reader or some other feed, I don’t know how you got here, but I’m glad you did (er, I hope you did?).

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to move to self-hosting and I had planned on taking baby steps. Apparently baby steps for me means scrambling to find a theme similar to my existing one so that I could migrate everything over immediately with as few alterations as possible.

And voilà! Here we are. I haven’t been able to check everything. I know some things didn’t make it. And is always the case when you move, I’ll probably want to shuffle the furniture around a bit. Things might be messy for a few days. Please bear with me while I figure it all out.

Me? I’m stretching out in my new space, envisioning all the possibilities.

Welcome to Mad Book Love 2.0, my dears!

2 Replies to “Surprise!”

  1. Congratulations on your new virtual home! You mentioned self-hosting, I don’t know what it is and now I’m curious about it.

    Your blog updates are sent to my email very nicely and I wish wix, my provider, had something as nice.

    I’m looking at the new site on my phone and everything looks very sharp, congrats! 🙂

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