January 2018 Wrap Up

January 2018 Wrap Up

My January TBR was perhaps a wee bit overconfident. Fortunately, it was a month with a Readathon (24 in 48), so I was able to pull it off (mostly) with only a few alterations.

Readathon Outcome

My goal was 24 hours, which seemed pretty achievable given I had 48 hours to do it, but I was sick (still sick!). So, I was a good girl and opted to take naps when I felt the need and go to bed at a reasonable hour (well, Readathon reasonable). Despite more zzz’s than I intended, I managed a perfectly respectable 17h:39m. Best time in any Readathon so far. And the really cool thing is this time each of my kiddos came in at different times to “readathon” with me. My son Pacey brought in stacks of books at least three times over the weekend. I love that my kids have the reading bug, too!

December TBR Successes

Planned Reads
Started & Still Reading

January DNF’s

The extremely short chapters and simple writing style of The Burial Society made it impossible for me to get invested. Lincoln in the Bardo, I SO wanted to love, but no matter how gorgeous the writing (George Saunders knows how to work words, no doubt), the format (kind of like a play, which I like to watch, not read) left me feeling there was no real plot and the character development was so slow, that after 38%, I just couldn’t anymore. Without a doubt, I will pick up something else by George Saunders. But, I don’t do experimental literature. I’ve tried and tried.

Unplanned Reads

Eleanor Oliphant isn’t something I was particularly interested in, but my book club was unexpectedly resuscitated this year (took 2017 off), and this was the first selection. Surprisingly, it was wonderful! This Is Where It Ends got a fair amount of hype when it was released, and I was left wanting. A Monster Calls is exactly as good as everyone says it is. And sad. But hopeful.

Beat the Backlist Status

One of my goals for 2018 is to give more love to my TBR, hence doing the Beat the Backlist challenge. My goal for the year is 30. My total for January? 


Long Book Challenge

Another 2018 goal is to read 10 Chunksters (450-749 pages) and 10 Uber Chunksters (750+ pages). Alas, my status for January?

1 Chunkster ( Wolf Hall)

In total, I read 13 books, over 4000 pages, four from my TBR, and one Chunkster. If it wasn’t for the Readathon weekend, that wouldn’t be the case, but beggars and all that. Feeling really good about January. Built a decent lead for myself for February. Speaking of which, my February TBR post will be coming soon…

How did your reading month go?

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  1. Wow you had an awesome month! And the readathon!! Wow!!! And you were sick!!! You are my hero!!! Hope you feel better real soon!

    Getting ready for the artic blast coming our way…….stay warm!!

    • Thanks! It was a pretty darn good month for me.

      Looks like you are going to get hit a lot harder than we are. It’s snowing lightly at the moment, but it shouldn’t get much worse and the temps don’t look too bad for the next 10 days. We’re on the coast, so we don’t get hit as hard as inland. You get to enjoy the lake effect snow. Lucky! 😉

    • Were it not for the Readathon, I wouldn’t have come close to that. I’m a moderate reader myself, and I usually get in 8-9 books a month. Last year, I had an entire month where I read nothing (terrible slump). As long as you are happy with your pace and are enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters, right? 😀 Thank so much for stopping by!

    • Thanks! One of several reviews I’m behind on, I’m afraid. But hopefully it will be up soon. I hope you enjoy Grist Mill Road.

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