Weekly Update #6

Things are still busy, I’m still behind, and I didn’t get much read this week. However, I did get some approvals (and I’m at that point where I’m equal parts excited and “oh my gods, why do I keep doing this to myself” when they come through!). The goal today is to try and get some reviews written, but we’ll see how it goes.

The past week has been rather uneventful. The weather has cooled down, even if it is still a bit humid. Yesterday was a beautifully atmospheric, foggy morning and today it’s supposed to rain most of the day. While I do love the rain, I’ve got some chairs to refinish and the weather is really not helping. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a clicker for the weather so we could change the weather to what suits us? Or at least pause what is coming for a few days so that a project isn’t continually delayed?

Which reminds me, my youngest daughter and I are going to a Girl Scouts camping event this weekend, and she is SO excited. At the last minute, our troop leaders were able to get us into a cabin, so we don’t have to mess with tents! Not that I’m afraid of tent building, but more so that I’m afraid of trying to build tents with a zillion 7 and 8 year old girls running around. 😉

But I digress, I present to thee, my week in reading:

Finished Last Week


Started Last Week

Approvals This Week

Did you happen to notice the 5 million new approvals? Do you know whose fault that is? Well, mostly mine, but I mean, you are not without guilt here. I’ve been trying to stay away from NetGalley and Edelweiss and have been rather successful at that evasion, but then I go and read all of your wonderful reviews and see the brilliant covers (stop with all the gorgeous, sparkly snow, holiday season covers people!), and I think “I’ll just check to see if that one amazing-sounding book is still available for request” and then BAM! I’m on NetGalley for an hour and my itchy little index finger is mindlessly requesting all the pretties. You are all a bad influence (in the best way possible!)!

Have you read any of these? Looking forward to reading any of them? What are you most looking forward to reading this week?


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  1. Have fun camping! I think you will be more comfortable in a cabin than on the ground in a tent! At least trying to get up anyway!😊 You can not blame me for any of those approvals!😊💕 Have a great Tuesday Myndi!💕💕

    • Oh, I blame you just because you alleviate my guilt when my request finger goes to town. Enabler! ♥️

      And I agree, for Juliet’s first camping trip, a cabin is where it’s at. I’ve done hike in only camping with my parents, so I’m up for whatever, but not with a 7 year old who may only like the “idea” of camping when all is said and done. 🤣

  2. I feel ya!! It’s hard to keep your finger off that request button. I like to exercise my finger a little too much too. I have a couple of those titles.

    I hope you get some great reading time in soon!! Happy reading!!

    • Oooh, which titles do you have?!?!?

      Thank you! I managed some reading time this morning and am hoping to squeeze in some time tonight! Hope you’ve been able to get your read on, too. 🙂

  3. You can put a big “ditto” for me on being behind with all things digital and having a requesting addiction. Right now I am dealing with the fact that my iPad will no longer charge. I would not have imagined the problems this would cause or my dependency on this device. It is, of course, my reader.😱 Have fun camping and make lots of great memories!

    • Oh my, that would be pretty devastating! I have to admit, embarrassing though it may be, that I have multiple devices (my IT husband enables me, I can blame him, right?). I’m sure you use your iPad for multiple things, but I have a 4th Gen Kindle, pre-Paperwhite, if you would like it. It’s perfectly functional, and I don’t really use it since I upgraded to an Oasis when they came out. I’d be happy to ship it to you, if you think you could use it.

  4. Camping sounds cool! Have fun 🙂 I never did that when i was a kid so i might have romanticized ideas about it, haha 😀

    How you liking Evelyn Hardcastle so far? I heard a lot of nice things about it, but haven’t read it yet.

    • My mom and stepdad didn’t really start camping until I was out of the house, so my first camping experience as a kid was as a camp counselor when I was 15. Just imagine a cabin full of 5th grade girls out in the woods outside of Yosemite. 😁

      Then I started tent camping with my parents when I was in my early 20’s and I’ve since done hike-in campsites. Truth be told, I prefer roughing it, but there is a lot to be said for campfires and roasting marshmallows, too. Never too old to start camping! 😉

      So far, so good with Evelyn Hardcastle. I’m heading back to it as soon as I finish my blog catch up!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I used to go with my daughter’s guide and brownie groups and it is so much fun. I did not sleep in a tent either. You have some very interesting approvals, but I will not look, who am I kidding, yes I will. Have a great rest of the week Myndi.

    • I’m trying to contain my excitement because I don’t know which way she’s going to go. Growing up, we did a lot of outdoorsy stuff, but camping wasn’t one of them. That came along in my early 20’s, when my mom and stepdad really got into it. I love it, and my husband was an Eagle Scout, so I’m hopeful that cabin camping will be a gateway for her.

      Have a wonderful week and try not to go crazy with your requests!

    • Ha! I’ve had the Evelyn Hardcastle for an embarrassingly long time. I’ve started it, but I haven’t picked up a book in days. 🙁 I Do Not Trust You was definitely a request based on someone’s blog review. Could easily have been yours. 🙂

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