Weekly Update #10

Wow. I haven’t done a weekly update in two months! Since I’m a few days behind on my update for the 24in48 Readathon this past weekend, I figured, why not just do a general update, yeah? In every day, non-reading life news, I’ve started cooking again. My husband is pretty Continue reading Weekly Update #10

Weekly Update #9

And my class is done!!! Woohoo! The class I start today is Popular Literature, and it turns out I’ve read two of the three books, so…feeling a huge load of stress lifted. As a result, I actually turned on my sewing machine yesterday! Now to getting caught up (and trying Continue reading Weekly Update #9

Weekly Update #8

Two weeks left until my class is over! Woohoo! And I got the syllabus for my next course yesterday and it is indeed much, much lighter. Double woohoo! And today I got a Panda Planner, which I’m hoping will help get me on track and keep me there. Really nothing Continue reading Weekly Update #8

Weekly Update #7

And, it’s been two weeks. What can I say that I haven’t said before? Homework, kids, camping, sick, kids school holidays, car repairs, dentist appointments, some major RA fatigue days, and life in general. And I’ve hardly read a thing. This class is kicking my ass, and I’m so, so Continue reading Weekly Update #7

Weekly Update #6

Things are still busy, I’m still behind, and I didn’t get much read this week. However, I did get some approvals (and I’m at that point where I’m equal parts excited and “oh my gods, why do I keep doing this to myself” when they come through!). The goal today Continue reading Weekly Update #6

Weekly Update #5

Getting back into the groove of things is never as easy for me as it feels like it should be (so it should be no surprise that half of my kids struggle with transitions!). The kids first week of school was also my first week of school, and all of Continue reading Weekly Update #5