Weekly Update #7

And, it’s been two weeks. What can I say that I haven’t said before? Homework, kids, camping, sick, kids school holidays, car repairs, dentist appointments, some major RA fatigue days, and life in general. And I’ve hardly read a thing. This class is kicking my ass, and I’m so, so glad to only have three courses left after this one. And the next should *knock on wood* be a lot easier. Three weeks left, three weeks left, three weeks left…

Camping with my daughter was a lot of fun. I only did Girl Scouts for about five minutes when I was younger, so I never did one of their hosted camping trips. Man is it chockfull of activities! We were on the go all day long. When we turned the lights out at 8:30pm, everyone passed out immediately. But it really was so much fun. And my girl can’t wait to go again, so I consider it a success!

In terms of my reading life, I had a bit of a fangirl situation the other day: I had a twitter conversation with Genevieve Cogman, the author of The Invisible Library series, which I LOVE (and I’ve reviewed every single one of them!). And I feel like such a dork because I’m almost 43 years old and I’m thrilled (even now, just writing about it) because when I replied to her tweet, she not only replied back, but we went back and forth, talking about…wait for it…quilting! Because, like me, she is not just a book nerd, she’s a quilter and knitter, and I’m feeling quite embarrassed about how elated I am about all of it, but I can’t help it. It made my day.

And in my quasi-reading life (ha!):





When I look at the number of new approvals, I have to remind myself it’s two weeks worth, not one. And several of them are children’s books, so quick reads. But still. A lot of reading to look forward to. πŸ˜‰

Looking forward to catching up on all your blogs this week and maybe even getting some reviews posted. What are you most looking forward to reading this week? Get any new approvals that you are totally jazzed about?


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    • Hi there! Yeah, I’ll get on top of it all at some point. I’m planning on doing Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon this month, so it will be nice to have a big chunk of time set aside just to read!

    • Thanks! I wish I was a speed reader, so I could get through all the books I want to read more quickly, but…what can you do?

  1. What a haul, Myndi! My goodness, I see so many interesting ones! I can’t wait for your thoughts on Evelyn Hardcastle and Spark of Light. I have the Swann Street book on my shelf and hope we both love that one. I have a few of the others and another one that stands out is the Ravenously Hungry Girls one- it sounds so good! Enjoy all your fresh reads and I hope you get some time to actually read them! Thank you for all the comment love today on my blog. β™₯️

    • It’s an embarrassment of riches to be sure! I’m hoping to dig my way out a little next week.

      And I actually feel bad that I was so behind on your blog (along with everyone else’s!) and that you got hit with a thousand comments in one day! Somehow, I’m going to find a way to squeeze in more regular blog time so I get to enjoy all the wonderful blogginess when it’s still “fresh”. 😁

  2. Sounds like a great couple of weeks. So glad to hear your daughter loved Girl Scout Camp. My daughter loved it as a child and is not a Brownie Leader. Lots of great books coming up for you. I love that you request books to see if your kids will enjoy them. I will watch for your upcoming reviews. I saw a few I would love, but I mustn’t request more right now. Have a wonderful week Myndi.

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