Weekly Update #9

And my class is done!!! Woohoo! The class I start today is Popular Literature, and it turns out I’ve read two of the three books, so…feeling a huge load of stress lifted. As a result, I actually turned on my sewing machine yesterday! Now to getting caught up (and trying Continue reading Weekly Update #9

Weekly Update #8

Two weeks left until my class is over! Woohoo! And I got the syllabus for my next course yesterday and it is indeed much, much lighter. Double woohoo! And today I got a Panda Planner, which I’m hoping will help get me on track and keep me there. Really nothing Continue reading Weekly Update #8

Weekly Update #7

And, it’s been two weeks. What can I say that I haven’t said before? Homework, kids, camping, sick, kids school holidays, car repairs, dentist appointments, some major RA fatigue days, and life in general. And I’ve hardly read a thing. This class is kicking my ass, and I’m so, so Continue reading Weekly Update #7