Weekly Update #8

Two weeks left until my class is over! Woohoo! And I got the syllabus for my next course yesterday and it is indeed much, much lighter. Double woohoo! And today I got a Panda Planner, which I’m hoping will help get me on track and keep me there.

Really nothing new or exceptional to report this week, other than I have managed to carve out some time here and there to read, review and blog. And we’re having some windows replaced tomorrow, which is exciting on one hand, but also…it’s supposed to be 42 degrees. And very windy. And that sounds rather unpleasant. But what can you do?

As for my reading life, I actually finished a book! And once again got an embarrassing number of approvals.






Yes, I’ve been bad. No, I do not have a reasonable plan for getting through everything. Yes, I’ll probably keep requesting, even though I really shouldn’t because I can’t seem to help myself.

Looking forward to catching up on all your blogs this week and maybe even getting some reviews posted. What are you most looking forward to reading this week? Get any new approvals that you are totally jazzed about?


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  1. Yay for getting some reading time and having a lighter syllabus for your next course! Holy wow on the approvals! I’ve been working hard to get and keep mine under 30 on my shelf on NG, and I’m at a place where I don’t want to add many books after adding way too many for too long! October has been a busy month for publishing! I cannot wait for your reviews on all of these. I see so many I either have or am interested in. Happy reading, Myndi! I’m so excited for your reads!

    • Oh my gosh, Jen. I’m already so buried, I’m not sure how I could make it much worse. But, I’m trying to restrain myself, and get some sort of plan in order. And there does seem to have been a LOT of stuff I was interested in over the past few weeks. Way more than usual.

      Happy Reading to you as well!

  2. Ding ding ding!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! You my friend are the queen of approvals! Happy reading and congratulations on all the wonderful reading you will be doing!! I have so many reviews to write for books I’ve finished and I just can’t make myself do them! I just keep reading more! Now because I have no self control I’m going to drool over your new approvals and see which ones I want to read too!🙃🙃 Weeeeeeeeee………💕💕😂

    • Hey, Susan, welcome aboard the crazy train!🤣

      I know I should be a responsible adult and restrain myself, but the publishers (love you!) don’t have to enable my addiction by giving me a hit whenever I ask for it. Just sayin’.🤡

      And I’m trying SO HARD to catch up on old reviews because I still have at least six that need to be written. And like you, I want to read! But, I’m making headway. At some point, I’ll be caught up…and then fall off the wagon again. At least I’m not alone. 💘

  3. So happy for you that the next course will not be as heavy. It is hard to get your head into reading for enjoyment you have such a busy life, glad you had some time for that. I can not believe how many approvals you got, you are the queen. 👑 I am so jealous, I have read and reviewed all the Evan Smoak novels and was declined for Out of the Dark. I will have to check out some of these other ones you got approved for, but it has to really grab me to get me to click while on a self-imposed ban. Have a great weekend Myndi (I am reading this on Friday morning).

    • I’m reading this Friday night, so I didn’t even think about it. 😉

      I have to say, I did much better with restraint this week, but in all fairness, there wasn’t as much that I was interested in. You, however, are amazing. Out of the Dark is my first by this author, so that’s strange that you didn’t get approved, and I did. I’m bummed for you.

      Still, I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and I’m super looking forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs next week!

  4. You have an amazing collection of books to read. I know you will have fun. I enjoyed finding out about Panda Planner which I fortunately do not need because I am retired. I would have had fun with it “back in the day.” I have requested the book on introducing children to the Internet. As a former elementary tech coordinator, the passion never dies, so thanks for sharing that.

    • No such thing as too much of a good thing, right? Over the years, I’ve tried so many different planners. When I earned a paycheck, I lived and died by my Covey planner, but now it doesn’t seem to meet my needs. Did Bullet journaling for the past couple of years, but I just don’t have time to draw out the perfect layout all the time. Panda Planner isn’t perfect, but it’s doing the job. 🙂

      Oh, I can see why that book would be of particular interest to you! I have three nearly-eight year olds, and it feels like a good time to really start talking about this in more depth. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to that book soon.

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